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We have been talking a lot about traveling to Japan. We promise we’ll also get to suggesting some other countries and places you should visit, but we need to drive home the idea that a Japanese adventure will exceed your wildest dreams. If you need some more encouragement, then keep on reading in this post. Warning: if you are what some people call a “foodie,” then you might be absolutely convinced right here and now that you need to take a trip to Japan. You’ll see what I mean.

Tasty Food

My Experience

If you’re curious about trying new foods, then Japan is definitely the place for you. I have visited Japan about six times now, and every time I go, I am struck with some new tastes and textures.

My latest adventure involved trying some sushi on the island of Shikoku. I had been in Japan for a week already and had thought that I had seen enough sushi to last me at least a decade. However, when I arrived on this small island, I went to the local restaurant and found out that unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately, who knows) all they were serving was sushi. I was mildly disappointed only because I really wanted to try some other kinds of dishes. I was considering leaving for somewhere else, but decided to stay just because I was so hungry. I’m so glad I did.

They served an incredible salmon roll that I had never before experienced. The salmon was so soft that I felt it would melt in my mouth. The rice and cucumbers were fresh, and the wasabi was spicy. It changed the way I view salmon sushi.

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